4 Essential Aspects of Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing, marketing, email marketing, social mediaWhether you’ve just taken on a new job, started a new business, or are simply entering the heady world of inbound marketing, there are certain aspects of your brand’s marketing that you must assess before moving forward. By assuring that these aspects are in place and “up to snuff” you will know that your campaign has a solid foundation and what direction to take it in the future.

1. Know Your Demographic

Call it whatever you want – “target audience,” “focus demographic” – all it really means is that these are the people that you want to connect to. What’s the best way to connect with someone? The best way to connect with someone is to understand them, to engage them, and to really and truly care about their concerns and opinions.

Once you’ve begun to understand your target audience, and established a solid rapport with them, the rest should fall into place with a little legwork and some creativity.

2. Synchronize Your Web Presence

These days so many marketers get caught up in the hubbub of social media that they often neglect their primary web presence – the website. Make sure that your website is updated frequently, and that your website and your inbound marketing are on the same page.

One of the primary goals of your inbound marketing strategy will be to simply get people to your homepage. So make sure the homepage gives them the information they want: What do you do? How much does it cost? Why do I need this? By answering these questions you continue the chain reaction that started on social media, and will hopefully end with a sale.

3. The All-Important Blog

It’s a fairly well-known fact that your blog is the most important piece in your inbound marketing strategy. It’s an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, provide value to readers, and express your passion for your business.

Blogs are less formal and more fluid than homepages, so they can really allow you to showcase your character and create exciting content that will hopefully get shared and discussed on a variety of channels.

4. Social Media

When evaluating or starting a social media campaign, you must ask yourself a few simple questions.

–       Will I find my target audience on this social channel?

–       Is my audience engaging me on these channels?

–       Do they engage my competition on these channels?

–       Are we using the right social media platforms? If so, are we using them effectively?

–       What does our ROI look like from these social media campaigns?

If you can effectively answer these questions than you are already light years ahead of most people who are attempting to break in to social media. Just remember, always ask yourself who you are trying to reach, and how you should go about reaching them.

If you can identify the answers to these four aspects of inbound marketing your campaign should start off on the right foot. As things progress, be sure to check back on the list and reevaluate your answers to these questions – this will ensure your campaign stays on the right path.

Inbound marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for marketers, but it requires a little know-how, and a strong desire to truly connect with your customers.

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