Growing Your Brand and Business with Mobile CRM

We’ve talked a lot here at The Mission Suite about the importance of a mobile strategy for your marketing campaigns. Consumers these days use their phones for everything, from comparing prices, to making reservations, browsing Facebook, checking email, or even just getting directions – but far too often the message from marketers ends there.

All marketers need to be working harder to ramp up their mobile strategy above and beyond what is considered “standard.” After all, customer engagement should be the primary goal of any marketer, and what could be better than engaging through a device that is literally by your customer’s side 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An effective mobile campaign can reach your customers in a personal, targeted and timely way that no other platform can deliver. Studies have shown that 42% of consumers in the US prefer to receive special offers via text, and an astounding 97% of mobile users will open and read a text within 15 minutes of receiving it.

Those staggering figures almost even make email, a CRM and marketing mainstay, look anemic by comparison. It’s obvious that mobile is incredibly important to the modern marketing strategy, so let’s take a look at some ways to implement it into your plan.

Retail Engagement

Retail establishments have recently started experimenting with in-store and in-catalog mobile campaigns that have met with a great deal of success.

Nearly half of all customers polled with that more stores would sponsor promotions via mobile, and another 47% said that they would choose to shop at a store with mobile promotions over another store that did not offer them.

I’ll admit I’m even a little astonished by these numbers, but it really does just go to show how powerful a tool mobile marketing is, even for retailers still occupying the brick and mortar space.

Restaurants on Mobile

Restaurants also have an excellent opportunity to engage customers utilizing mobile marketing. Much like an email campaign, a customer who opts-in to a restaurant’s SMS campaign is demonstrating a desire to stay abreast of the goings-on in the restaurant. This could be daily special, special deals and events, or even new menu items.

 Restaurants can also reward their subscribers loyalty by issuing discounts and coupons via SMS. The ease of recalling a coupon or offer on a mobile device means that they are used far more frequently than those delivered by other means.

Location-Based Engagement

By utilizing the location awareness of many modern smartphones, brands can use their mobile campaign to associate their brand with events that consumers are already participating in. Is one of your subscribers at a concert? Perhaps they might enjoy a delicious beverage from your brand. Are they at a local dog park on a sunny day? Maybe their pup could use a new toy. The possibilities really are endless, but be very careful – if location-based marketing becomes overbearing it can easily wander into the creepy zone.

As smartphones and other mobile devices become even more prevalent mobile marketing and CRM become more important than ever. Brands that continue to implement mobile as a cornerstone of their marketing and customer engagement strategies will continue to reap the rewards.

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