Tips to Make Your Email Marketing Campaign Flourish

tipsAn advertising email campaign is like a garden: there are many forces that can cause it to whither and die, including neglect, over attention, and the pollution of bad coding. Keep an eye on these 4 factors that can help your marketing campaign grow.

Watch your bounce rates.

You may have a high open percentage and low unsubscribes, but how many emails bounce every month? This score shows how many emails are abandoned or were fake from the start. Over time, bounced emails will raise your spam score and could prevent you from sending any email.

  • Emails churn — people abandon emails and they’re taken by a new user, who didn’t sign up for your email and may mark your newsletter spam.
  • Regularly weed your list of low activity users. Develop a campaign to re-energize users who have stopped opening and engaging with your emails. If they don’t respond, it’s time to cut them. It’s better to cut out non-active users and have a flourishing, active list than to risk a rising spam score.
  • Employ a double opt-in system, where new sign-ups will receive a link at the email address they provided that they must use to confirm their subscription. This may lower your sign-up rate, but it will greatly cut down on incorrectly entered addresses and spambots.

Is your message reaching the reader?

  • High unopen rates can indicate you’re getting trapped in a spam filter.
  • Avoid using any of theĀ most common words that trigger spam filters in your subject or body.
  • Apply to be on your ESP’s green light list, so your emails get an automatic pass without screening.

Are they reading your email, or taking action?

Should your readers to finish your email, delete it, and go about their day? There should always be a next step — make a purchase, go to the landing page, Like on Facebook, forward to a friend, find out more, leave a review.

  • Write in multiple calls to action (such as a phrases above) in each email, ideally in each chunk of text. Every email should urge an action.
  • Use buttons or images, but also linked text. Some readers won’t or can’t view multimedia in their email, so always provide descriptive alt text in the img tag.
  • If you’re a non-profit asking for donations, always attach a deadline and a purpose to your request. Donations with a sense of urgency get more results than rolling donations with no defined purpose. Consider a donation drive or event to drum up group enthusiasm.

Does your multimedia convey the emotion you want it to?

  • Use arresting images that fill the frame, have people in them, and tell a story. People doing things grab a customer’s attention better than a descriptive photo of a portrait or landscape.
  • To help your customer fully experience your product, link to a video review.
  • Downloadable white pages and other freebee downloads are excellent, cheap ‘free samples’ that help your customers feel engaged and invested with your brand, and can convert to a sale. Get creative with memes and apps that are fun and useful.

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