How to Write Email Newsletter That Convert to Sales

d_transactionalemailWhen your customer opens your email, you have a few seconds to grab her attention. Your email must be attractive, scannable, and accessible at just a glance. Your email campaign depends on content that shows instead of tells that your product is worthwhile.

Evidence-based selling

Every product is “the best in its class.” Every commercial talks in superlatives, and every consumer is tired of them. We want to know real results.

Show us what your product does that makes it worth buying — more than that, worth making the effort the click the link. Is there a measurable way that this product can solve a problem or offer a solution?

Use bullet points to show the data, or set it apart from the rest of the email with HTML or CSS text formatting. If you use images, use alt text so that users will see that the images are relevant and interesting.

Video tutorials

One roadblock to customer confidence when shopping online is the difficulty imagining the product in real life. Customers complain that even with specific product dimensions and materials described, the product that arrives is different from what they expected.

A video tutorial of a real person holding the product and reporting on how they used it provides context. Select a spokesperson who you think represents your customer (consider filming different videos and splitting your list to target different customers).

Try before you buy

Customers respond to offer coupons and deals through email that allow them to try the product before committing to a larger purchase. But that doesn’t mean you have to give things away for free all the time in order to make a sale.

  • Offer free whitepapers, downloads, and apps. By increasing brand involvement, customers are more likely to want to purchase the real thing.
  • Customers sign up for the newsletter because they like feeling ‘in the know,’ and because they receive special offers as incentive. In turn, the information they provide at sign up allows you to learn more about your customer base. Isn’t that worth the percentage off coupon?
  • Use the soft-sell approach to spin transactional emails to a follow-up sale. Offer free shipping on the next order or a coupon for a friend. Some email marketers have launched elaborate Facebook schemes involving a tiered reward system for getting friends to Like their company.

Show appreciation by being friendly

In the business world, your reputation is everything. This includes how your customers perceive your company culture.

  • Put a real person in the “From” field and respond to all emails in a timely manner. Of course, the return address can be a dummy name, but there should be dedicated, human staff paying attention to email replies about an hour after the newsletter is sent out.
  • Send welcome emails to new newsletter sign ups.
  • Use a consistent email format for all email communications, including transactional emails. There’s nothing more off-putting than a friendly, branded email campaign that immediately switches to a cold or, worse, grammatically nightmarish shipping confirmation. Appearing to abandon your customer after the sale looks unprofessional and will kill your return customer rate.

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