How Thought Leadership Can Improve Your Email Marketing Content

A thought leader is a leader in business whose authority is so recognized that they profit from that authority. Consider Apple, whose reputation as a leader in mobile technology is so respected that people want their new models immediately, untested. Thought leadership is more than immediate consumer confidence: that consumer’s trust is built from a proven history of competence, knowledge, and ability. When promoting your business through software for email marketing, you can utilize your knowledge as an established business leader to gain confidence and grow your email newsletter readership.

As a business person, every day your job is informed by all aspects of your industry. Even though you may not be a business owner, or the largest company in your industry, you probably know more about your industry than you may realize.

When thinking about content for your newsletter, consider all the things you have learned since establishing your business, or getting hired to your position: you know about the suppliers, the marketing, the customer base, changing technology and innovations, and how the ebb and flow of the economy affects your industry. That is valuable information to your peers, competitors, and customers.

  • Ask other members of your team to write articles, pieces, or take over a specific sub-list. IT could write a monthly tech article, while the receptionist or someone in customer service could post answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Inform your readers about new hires, good deeds, and product releases. Show that you’re a living, adaptive company.
  • Let readers know when something changes in your company that affects your products or consumer experience. If you change your posting schedule, start a new topic-specific email list, or change your privacy policy, readers appreciate a heads-up.
  • Talk about the future of your industry. What new technologies are emerging? What would you like to see happen?

Link to articles you read that speak to important, new, or emerging issues that affect your industry, and add your commentary. People want your opinion on news because as an informed insider, your opinion matters. Your taste in news articles makes you an informed consumer of news media, so linking to information tells your readers what they should be thinking about.

Create a conversation by linking to social media, your blog, and your website. Turn on comments on all social media. Follow blogs, Facebook pages, and LinkedIn accounts of other companies in your industry and related industries. Customers and prospective clients or partners want to feel that you are an active member of your business community. Social media is also an excellent way to keep in touch with past partners, clients, or contractors.

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