How Social Media and Email Marketing Can Work and Play Together

Email vs. Social ImageFacebook has not killed the email marketing star. If you are considering your online advertising options and wondering, why email marketing? Consider this:

88% of Internet shoppers check their email daily, and 98% of digital information blitzed through the Internet in a day worldwide is done through email — not including spam. 50% of email subscribers made a purchase through a newsletter in a year, far outpacing purchases made via Facebook or Twitter advertisements. It’s simply not true that ‘kids don’t like email’ — 95% of 15-24 year olds who ‘Like’ brands in social media also sign up for their email newsletter.

Your online strategy doesn’t have to be an either-or conundrum. You can, and should, do both. A strong social media presence is excellent for public announcements, while relevant, personalized newsletters creative a dialogue with your followers. Better still, any effective, affordable email service provider like Mission Suite has tools to integrate both your social media and email marketing tactics seamlessly.

Some tips to turn your email newsletters and social marketing presence to a two-pronged advertising campaign include:

  • Social media is an ideal platform for collecting email, because you can instantly collect their demographic information. When they receive the email newsletter, you can add the information on click-throughs and open-rates, which will enhance your social media posting. Did you know you can specialize your Facebook posts by demographics, as well?
  • Post general interest info on social media, insider info in the newsletter. Use your email marketing software to target a core group of longtime fans and high click-through-rate readers and treat them as a core group. Send coupons and second-tier tips to that group, as well as more detailed information about causes or products that they may be interested in. For instance, a fishing lure store can send their core group links to video tutorials on harder to catch fish in more ‘extreme’ rivers.
  • Link back and forth. Add buttons on emails to ‘Like’ you on Facebook or Tweet soundbites from your emails. Place forms on social media and website to easily allow visitors to sign up for the mailing list (and tell them why they would want to).
  • Conversation on social media can feed your newsletter. Think of your Facebook and Twitter as the town square, and the newsletter as the Springfield Shopper. Rather than writing in a void and waiting for feedback — if you get any, but you should, since your From: field is an actual person, not a no-reply@, right? — you will be involved in a conversation that your customers are willingly participating in.

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