Why Email Marketing – Because It Works

email-marketing-worksEmail marketing is a proven way to gain customers and increase your bottom line, but according to Forrester data only $1.5 billion was spent on email campaigns in 2012. Compare this to $64 billion on TV, $34 billion on print media, and $39 billion spent on internet advertising. These figures may be misleading if you take them at face value. TV spots are very expensive, and so is print media. Internet advertising can be costly and may not give you a good ROI (return on investment) like email marketing can. So why email marketing? It works and it costs less.

With TV you have the cost of a studio, ad agencies, and satellite and cable networks. You never really know who is seeing your ads on TV. In print media you don’t know if the ads are read and if they are acted upon. Direct mail has the same drawbacks. With email you know if your mail is opened, and if the reader clicks through on your call to action or to your website. Email marketing is also able to tell you which campaigns are working and what links were clicked upon. Today’s businesses are finding out the answer to why email marketing is because it works.

Email is So Much More

Unlike a TV or a print ad that is what it is and nothing more, an email provides many more benefits to consumers. Well-crafted emails contain links so that people can do their own research. They can sift through your products to find exactly what they need. And while they are doing all this research they may find other products they can’t live without. This is one reason a positive response to why email marketing is so prevalent.

Consumers can follow your links to product descriptions, product reviews, forums, newsletters, and then place items in their carts and make their purchases. Even if they abandon their carts, emails give you a chance to send an abandoned cart message. An abandoned cart message has been shown to bring back almost 30 percent of sales lost. This is another compelling reason to answer why email marketing positively.

Time Well Spent

Studies have shown the average consumer spends almost half of their time reading their emails while on the computer. This number is even greater with mobile users. If consumers are already spending a good portion of their web time reading email, it makes sense to tap into this. When considering the question, why email marketing, remember the large amount of time people spend checking and reading their emails. Most people check their email early in the morning and late in the evening during the week, and may save a good portion of their emails to open and read on the weekends. If you time your emails correctly you can increase your open rate significantly.

So to answer the question why email marketing – why not? It is cost effective, has a high ROI, the results are measurable, and it works. If you have questions about why email marketing works contact us at The Mission Suite. Be sure to ask about our free trial. We can show you why the answer to why email marketing should be positive for your business.

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