What is Email Marketing – a Basic Primer

FoundationGraphicIn its purest definition email marketing is sending out emails trying to sell goods or services. But the answer to the question what is email marketing can be more complicated depending on your business and how you use email marketing. What is email marketing maybe answered by using email for marketing purposes such as building your brand reputation. It’s not always for selling, many times it is for conversion, driving traffic to your website, and trying to get people to connect with you on social media. All of these marketing efforts answer the question what is email marketing. How you use it is up to you, but it is important to understand the basics so you can plan and execute your next email marketing campaign effectively.

Email versus Snail Mail

Email marketing has been proven to be more effective than traditional direct mailing campaigns. One of the reasons is the immediacy of email. When you receive a marketing flyer in the mail chances are you glance at it and either throw it away or put it aside to read later. Many times direct mail flyers never get read. Email on the other hand is a medium which is usually checked several times a day. If you can craft a catchy subject line, you can get your email opened and read. Once your email is opened and the call to action link is clicked you have the opportunity to create a customer. It is this chance to catch a reader’s attention and then give them an opportunity to take advantage of your offer without having to leave their desk or home that makes email marketing such an attractive form of communication.

The Subject of Subject Lines

You have to grab the reader’s attention, and a well-crafted subject line is how to do it in email marketing. This may be one of the hardest parts of answering the question, what is email marketing. A well-crafted subject line includes a sense of urgency and is short – only about 140 characters. Think of your subject line like a tweet. You only have a short amount of space to make a point.

Information not Commercials

What is email marketing can be answered by what it is not. It is not a commercial or an endless pitch for your products and services. Ideally your emails should be informative and entertaining. Include why your product or service will benefit the reader. Also include a bit of information about the company and why you feel this is the best offer around.

The Call to Action

The most important component of email marketing is the call to action. When you are asking what email marketing is, the call to action should be the focus of the answer. In retail salespeople are trained to ask for the sale, and email marketing is no different. You can have an informative and entertaining email, but unless you tell your reader what to do they will just close out their email and forget about it. Tell your reader what you want him or her to do, and then provide a way for them to do it in the form of a button or linked text.

What is email marketing? It is one of the most effective and cheapest forms of marketing at your disposal in today’s market. If you have questions about what is email marketing, contact us at The Mission Suite. We have the answers you need to get conversions, and build a strong customer base through email marketing.

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