10 Reasons Why You Should Use E-mail Marketing Services

top10E-mail marketing is a powerful tool used in business to develop relationships and communicate with customers and potential customers. But an e-mail marketing campaign is only as good as its execution. E-mail marketing services can provide you with powerful marketing efforts. Don’t think you can use your standard e-mail account; it just doesn’t have the power to perform like e-mail marketing services. Here are ten compelling reasons you should use e-mail marketing services.

  1. You won’t get flagged as a spammer. E-mail marketing services are equipped to send out bulk e-mails. They are recognized by ISPs as bulk mailers unlike your standard e-mail account.
  2. E-mail marketing services follow professional e-mail guidelines. Today you have to have an unsubscribe option to be compliance with the law. Services also hide the subscriber list to protect their identities.
  3. You don’t have to manage your subscriber lists. E-mail marketing services provide list management which can take up hours of your time if you try to do it manually. Once a subscriber opts out, their address is removed immediately.
  4. E-mail marketing services let you segment your subscriber lists easily. Segmentation is an important benefit of using a service. It lets you A/B test messages and pinpoint subscribers according to prescribed demographics.
  5. You don’t have to hire more support staff or have special skills. Since the majority of the features of e-mail marketing services are built into the program you won’t need an entire department to handle your e-mails.
  6. Take the guess work out of formatting. Some subscribers want HTML e-mails, while others can only receive text. E-mail marketing services automatically send your e-mails out in the correct format.
  7. Each and every e-mail looks great. You don’t have to know HTML or XHTML to make your e-mails look great. Templates are available to use and you don’t need any special skills.
  8. A high quality e-mail service maintains strong permission policies, and has a powerful anti-blocking team which works with your ISP to ensure your e-mails are delivered.
  9. E-mail marketing services give you reports which measure important data such as the number of e-mails sent, how many are opened, click throughs and what links were clicked on, new subscribers, opt outs, bounce backs, and spam complaints. These numbers help you understand how each e-mail campaign performs.
  10. One of the greatest benefits of e-mail marketing services is they cost less than doing it yourself. This savings is in the form of less resources, time, and investment you must provide to run a successful e-mail marketing campaign.

All of these reasons add up to one plain fact. You need to use e-mail marketing services. At The Mission Suite we have a high quality proven e-mail marketing service you can depend on. Our services include all of the above benefits and more. Contact us today and ask about our free trial offer. Let us show you how an e-mail marketing service can help you to increase traffic to your site and gather more conversions.

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