Why Use an Email Campaign?

SMA_8.25.12LEAD-resize-380x300The most basic reason to use an email campaign is because you have something to sell or something to offer to people. You may have the greatest product known to man, but without advertising no one will know about it. If done correctly an email campaign will create more revenue for your business. Advertising helps spread the word, and in the world of digital commerce an email campaign can be a powerful tool.

What an Email Campaign Can and Can’t Do

An email campaign can do many things for your business. It can inform prospective and current customers about the benefits of your services or products. When done correctly email marketing can also enhance your reputation, build your brand identity, sell more products, slowly build your bottom line, replace lost customers and bring back old ones, and promote your business to investors. For all those benefits an email campaign will not create instant success, cause an immediate increase in sales, solve any profit or cash flow problems your business may have, be a substitute for poor customer service, or sell unwanted or useless services or products.

Benefits and Reality

An email campaign also has the benefits of you being in complete control. You say exactly what you want in your messages and control how the message appears. This will help you target your audience more effectively. You can also be consistent in how you present your company and your brand. This is important so that people will recognize you brand and build your brand presence. This does take planning. Advertising is only as good as the planning you put into it. It also takes time and persistence to produce results. The results produced by your advertising efforts build over time. If you are consistent and commit to the long term, your message will get seen by your target audience and start to produce results.

Costs Compared to Print

An email campaign costs much less to implement than a print, radio, or television advertising campaign. Advertising space in print media and on air time is very expensive. These types of advertising campaigns don’t give you the option to target a specific audience which is important for your business. Even if you hire an agency to spearhead your campaign, the cost will be much less than using print or on air media to spread your message and attract customers.

As you can see an email campaign is a cost effective and powerful tool to use in your marketing strategy plan. When properly planned and executed email campaigns will produce results in the long run. Contact Mission Suite today and let us show you how to use email to develop an effective marketing campaign. Ask about our free trial offer and let us show you how we can help you get the word out about your products and services, and increase your click through rates and conversions which will increase your business’ profits.

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