Why Should Your Use Software for Email Marketing?

handsoncompSoftware for email marketing is an easy and efficient way to manage your email campaigns. It is safe, it allows you to target specific audiences, and it drives traffic to your website and social media channels. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, software for email marketing makes it easy to have an effective and cost conscious email campaign. Email marketing software, like the one offered by The Mission Suite, offers you features you just can’t do with your private email account. Here are some compelling reasons to use software for email marketing.

An opt-in and an opt-out option is included. Today you must ask permission before you start to send out marketing emails. If you don’t you run the risk of being flagged as a spammer and your emails won’t get any further than the trash bin. Including an opt-out link or option is also required now by law. A simple link that a reader can click on to unsubscribe will ensure you are in compliance with all of the current anti-spam regulations.

Target who you want to get your marketing emails. With a software for email marketing program you can segment your recipients list into specific niches. This lets you not only reach the right people, but it can also help you test out different messages and subject lines. This would be very hard to do with your private email account unless you had hours and hours to sift through everyone’s demographic information.

Collect and analyze important data. With a software for email marketing program you can collect important data about the performance of each email campaign. These numbers include open rates, click through rates, which landing pages are the most effective, and many other important factors you may need to adjust.

Drive traffic to your site. By using a software for email marketing program you can embed links leading to specific pages on your website. This will help consumers find exactly what they are looking for, and help you offer special discounts and deals through your emails otherwise not found on your website.

Build a relationship and loyalty with your customers. You can personalize your emails with software for email marketing programs. This helps to solidify and build your relationship with new and existing customers. You can also include videos to make your emails more interactive.

Email marketing has a high ROI. According to the Direct Marketing Agency email marketing has an ROI of $40.56 for each $1 spent. You will get your money back many times over from your initial investment in a software for email marketing program.

Software for email marketing programs are easy to use. At The Mission Suite we work with you to develop and execute an effective email marketing program. The software is easy to use and helps you track your success. Instead of trying to write programs to implement a campaign, our program has all the tools you need for a successful email campaign.

Contact us today at The Mission Suite. We offer a free trial so you can see how powerful our software for email marketing really is. Don’t go it alone, let us help you succeed with your next email marketing campaign.

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