Use E-mail Marketing to Connect with Your Customers

iStock_000005355437XSmallIn today’s economy smart businesses know connecting with their customers is crucial. You want to be at the forefront of your customer’s thoughts when they need what you are offering. One way to do this is to use e-mail marketing campaigns. People’s inboxes are filling up each day with useless e-mails, why not use your e-mail marketing efforts to build relationships with your customers and create a loyal community? Here are some tips to use e-mail marketing and connect with your customers.

Don’t give them too much of a good thing. In a sluggish economy the first reaction most businesses have is to increase the number of e-mails. This is actually counterproductive. People have more on their minds than your next e-mail so make sure the ones you send out are really useful and worth their time. This will help keep them from deleting and tuning you out when they see your next e-mail in their inbox. They will know when they open it; they’ll find something of interest that they can use.

Get a dialogue going. Some of the questions to think about when crafting your e-mail marketing campaign include what are customers thinking about in relationship to your services or products, has their economic situation changed and how does this affect how they are thinking about you, what is on their minds, and how can you invite them to engage with you? Inspiring content is always the answer to creating a dialogue with your readers. Ask their opinions, have a question and answer segment of your e-mails where readers can send in questions for you to answer. Another fun and effective strategy is to have a “Stump the Expert” column. This type of dialogue shows you’re human, you care about what they think, and helps you show off your expertise. Engaging with your readers is one of the most effective ways to connect with them.

Host an event with another business. If you have a physical storefront you might think about inviting a related business to an event. For example, if you sell wines have a local chef come and give a demonstration on how to pair wines with different types of food. Even if your business is strictly online you can find related online businesses to host a video or a podcast together. Use your e-mail marketing efforts to spread the word and get people interested.

Become involved in your community. Does your community have a cause they are passionate about? Whether it is environmental concerns or saving downtown, you can use your e-mail marketing efforts to get involved. Even online businesses can get involved in the global and local community. If you have a cause you care about, chances are some of your readers care about the same thing. Supporting a charity is a good way to get involved and do good. Donate a percentage of your sales to your favorite charity and use your e-mail marketing campaigns to let people know, and get them in on the effort.

These are just a few ways to use your e-mail campaign to connect with your customers. Contact us at The Mission Suite for more ideas and help crafting your next e-mail marketing campaign. Be sure to ask about our free trial offer!

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