Understanding the Power of Email Marketing

112_6_5_13449890Email marketing uses email as the channel for direct marketing. Direct marketing is an umbrella term used to describe marketing which is sent directly to the consumer, and not through other channels such as print, radio, or television. Companies collect email address of prospective customers and clients, and then send emails containing information about goods and services, special promotions and offers, and other communications. Permission must be granted by recipients to receive email marketing. This is usually accomplished by a sign up form on a website, and then a confirmation email is sent for the recipient to verify they want the emails.

Direct Access to Recipients

Email marketing has proven to be a powerful tool in the past few years, and many bloggers, affiliate marketers, small business owners, and website owners have discovered its power. One of the reasons is the direct aspect of this type of marketing. Since you send your message straight to the consumer, you don’t have to pay a third party to host your message like you would if you took out an ad in a print publication or paid for a radio or television spot.

Effective Marketing

Email marketing is also more effective than banners, blog posts, online ads, or online articles which require readers to actually visit your site. And since you have total control of what goes into your email, email marketing lets you build a solid relationship with your subscribers. This helps to increase conversion rates and traffic flow to your website. Email marketing is also flexible. You can use it for more than one purpose which makes it very economical and a good return on your investment of time and money. You can use this type of marketing to promote special offers, launce new projects, gather opinions, and many other uses.

What Email Marketing is Not

Email marketing is not to be confused with spam. Email marketing is a marketing tool when used correctly. What differentiates marketing from spam is how you use the tool. Yes some spammers use email to try to make money, but this is not a legitimate and ethical use of this marketing tool. Spammers send out junk emails, but if you use email for marketing you will be sending out information people want and can use. By sending out quality newsletters and emails people subscribe to, you will not be spamming your readers, and you’ll be giving them something they want and can use. This is the basis of the modern day email marketing platform.

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