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solutionsSo you want to start an email campaign. Okay that is a good goal; email campaigns have been proven to be some of the best ways to convert readers into customers. Now where do you start? You could just fire up your computer and start sending out emails to everyone in your address book. If you take this approach to direct email, you will quickly find your you need some email solutions to fall back on. Private email hosts are not equipped to handle the amount of emails you will need to send out, nor are they equipped to manage your ever expanding recipient’s list. What you need are email solutions to make your life easier, and produce the greatest results for your business.

Get Your Emails Opened

A direct email campaign is only as effective as the number of emails which get opened. A catchy subject line which creates a sense of urgency is the one of the email solutions you can use to get sluggish open rates up. Let your readers know what the email is about and why they need to open your email now. Remember to keep it short so their email software doesn’t cut your subject line off.

Timing is one of the other important email solutions you need to understand. Studies have shown people open emails about an hour after they receive them. Send out your direct email messages either early in the morning, from eight to ten or in the mid-afternoon, from three to four. These times have been proven to be the most effective times since people usually check their inboxes in the morning, and then when they take a break before wrapping up their day in the afternoon.

Avoid the Dreaded Spam Label

Another danger of using your private email software is being flagged as spam. This is an all too common complaint from novice email marketers. Instead invest in a direct email software program. A direct email software program, like the one offered by The Mission Suite, is set up to send, receive, and manage your direct email messages. It will also help you avoid being labeled as spam by your ISP.

Get Your Emails Read

Quality content is a given in email solutions. A well-crafted informational and entertaining message will get read. If you are consistently delivering quality content your readers can use, they will be looking for your next email and be ready to read it. Don’t be overly promotional; no one wants to read a long commercial. Instead spark your reader’s interest and give them just enough information to make them want to visit your website. Once they are on your website you can turn up the promotion in order to create high conversion rates.

Measure Your Success

You can send out well written, witty, informative, and entertaining emails all day, but unless you know your numbers you’ll have no idea whether or not your direct email campaign is a success and if you need to find email solutions. If you have an email marketing software program in place you will be able to track how many emails are opened, the click through rates for each campaign, and the conversion rates for each campaign. This will allow you to find email solutions if any of these numbers start to fall.

Contact us today at The Mission Suite. We have email solutions for your business. Our experts will tailor a direct email package to your business’ needs. Be sure to ask about our email solutions free offer. Try us out and see how a professional software package can help your next email campaign be a success.

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