Marketing by Email – Tips for Success

tips_successAlthough new technology has made it easier than ever to connect with your customers, marketing by email is still one of the most effective marketing tools you have available today. But the key is to do it right. If you just keep sending emails out hoping for results, you’re marketing by email the wrong way. You have to send the right offer, send it at the right time, and send it to the right people. This means you have to give some thought to marketing by email, and have the right amount of planning and research for your next campaign to be successful. Here are five tips to make your next email marketing campaign successful.

Send the Right Message

You can send out the most creative and well-crafted emails, but unless they’re sent to the right people you’re wasting your time. One of the most important things about marketing by email is list segmentation. Know who is on your list and how they interact with you. If customer A buys a specific product line, it won’t do you any good to send them a series of emails about a totally different product line. The more relevant your emails are to the customer, the more likely they will open them and take advantage of the offer you are sending. Although sending out more emails will mean more work for your company, the return on your marketing by email investment will be greater.

Send Your Messages at the Right Time

If you know when your recipients are more likely to convert, your emails will be more effective. For example right before the holidays people are looking for good deals and trying to get their shopping done. If your marketing by email efforts focus on great deals, free shipping, and gift wrapping during this time, your conversion rates will rise. Proper planning will make a big difference in your email efforts.

Not only knowing what time of year to send the messages, the day of the week and the time of day is important. Get Response did a study and found that almost a quarter of emails sent are opened within the first hour after they are sent. The study also found the best times of day to send emails are between 8 and 10 in the morning, and 3 and 4 in the afternoon. Remember not all of your customers live in your time zone, so you may need to segment your list to reflect this fact.

Craft a Great Subject Line

How do you get your email opened? Craft a subject line that will catch the reader’s attention. Mention you offer in your subject line and use a sense of urgency. For example, “25% Off Today Only!” will get a better reception than “Save Today”. Subject lines are a great opportunity to test out the effectiveness of a marketing by email campaign. Switch up your subject lines and measure their success.

These basic tips will help you get started with marketing by email. At The Mission Suite we can help you plan, execute, and measure the success of your next marketing by email campaign. Contact us today and ask about our free trial offer.

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