How to Craft an Email Newsletter That Will be Read and Shared

newsletterAn email newsletter is a very effective marketing tool. It sets you up as an expert in your field, can be entertaining and informative at the same time, and build a relationship with your subscribers. But an email newsletter is only as good as the content it contains. How many times have you signed up for a newsletter only to be disappointed once it arrived in your inbox? The writer goes on and on without ever coming to the point or it is boring as watching paint dry and you unsubscribe, delete it, and forget about it? Don’t let this happen to your email newsletters. Learn how to craft an email newsletter which will be read, and better yet be shared.

Get to the Point

Have you ever been in a meeting where the speaker has a well crafted presentation, but takes forever to get to the point? You sit there bored to tears wishing for a merciful meteor strike just to get it over with. Your readers are the same way. If you take paragraphs to come to the point, they will hit the delete button very quickly. People today are too busy to slog through your email newsletter to find out what you’re offering or talking about. Get to the point quickly and then expound upon the idea. This will grab and hold your reader’s attention. That’s not to say you can’t use a bit of a build up, but come to the point before your reader’s reach the place in your email newsletter where they must scroll down to continue to read.

Pick a Topic and Stick with It

Even worse than dragging on and on is an email newsletter that jumps around with several topics. This is confusing and will not hold your reader’s interest. If you have a large subject to cover, break it up into smaller newsletters. You don’t have educate your readers about your entire industry in one email. Use this as a chance to whet their whistles and keep them looking forward to your next installment.

Use a Natural Voice

Speak like a human being, not like a marketing jargonmaster. It is better to use friendly, conversational, and natural content than to fill up your email newsletter with too much marketing terms or jargon. One content expert recommends reading your email newsletter out loud to your spouse or partner. If they can keep a straight face and not laugh out loud, then you’re on the right track. People want to know there is a real human being behind the newsletter, so don’t be too formal or stuffy.

Ask for Feedback

Include a link at the bottom of your email newsletter which gives your readers a chance to give you feedback. Ask for their opinions, experiences, or what they’d like to see in future installments. Readers want to interact and many will jump at the chance to give comments and feedback. Use this feedback to make your email newsletter more interesting and useful.

If you’d like more tips, or would like information about how you can use an email newsletter for your next marketing campaign, contact us at The Market Suite. Ask about our free trial offer and let us help you craft an email newsletter that will get read, and get shared.


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