Advertising with Email is Money Well Spent

money-questionsAdvertising is important, and has been since the first business opened its doors. Without advertising consumers won’t know what you’re offering, and you won’t have any customers coming to your website or in your door. There are many avenues you can use to advertise. One of the most cost effective ones is advertising with email. Advertising with email has the largest return on investment (ROI) ratio of any type of advertising. Print media, radio and television spots, and direct postal mail can’t compete with advertising with email as far as customer conversions and ROI.

Small Initial Investment

When you compare advertising with email to other advertising mediums, it is much less expensive. All you really need is a quality email marketing software program and a product or service. That is a bit basic. You will still need to plan your advertising budget, timing, and content. But once you have the basics ready, you’re ready to start sending out emails. There are several email marketing software programs on the market today. A good example is the one offered by The Mission Suite. Their software comes complete with the tools and resources to help your advertising by email campaign a success.

Control of Content

Whether you write the content, have someone at your business write it, or hire a professional writer you will have complete control over the content and look of your advertising emails. This is important because only you truly know what your company stands for and the vision you have for its success. You will also have control over the look and feel of your advertising email messages. This level of control makes advertising with email an attractive option.

Control of Recipients

Advertising with email also offers the added benefit of segmentation. This is the grouping of recipients by specific criteria such as occupation, age, demographic information, and time zone. You can set the parameters of your email recipients lists according to the advertisements you are sending out via email. Segmentation also helps you test and gauge a specific advertisement campaign. A quality email marketing software program will offer this feature saving you time and money.

Send Out Advertising with Email on Your Timetable

Advertising with email lets you decide when to send your messages. This way you can plan and implement your advertising campaign on your own time. This will make it easier to design and plan your campaign. The best time of day to send out emails is between eight and ten in the morning, and between three and four in the afternoon. Studies show this is the time when most people check and actually open their emails.

If you want the best investment and ROI, advertising with email is the way to go. Contact us at The Mission Suite for advertising with email software and solutions tailored to your business. Ask about our free trial offer!

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