5 Tips to Make Your Email Advertising More Effective

tipsEmail advertising is an effective and powerful marketing tool. It works, has proven the test of time, and is much cheaper than print or on air advertising. With all these benefits you may be thinking of starting an email campaign. One thing that is imperative in any advertising campaign is to build trust before you make your sales pitch. Compelling and quality content is the key for building this trust. Give your readers something they can use, and want to read. Once you do that you’re set to begin your email advertising campaign.  Here are five tips for you to start out on the right foot, and get the results you want.


  1. Use the autoresponder feature of your email provider. By using the autoresponder feature of your email you can provide consistent responses to new subscriber requests. This helps build a relationship with your subscribers, especially new ones. New subscribers get a warm welcome when they subscribe. You can also use it to send out emails at specific times creating a good first impression.
  2. Use a personal warm message from the start. This creates a good rapport with your subscriber list. You could use an autoresponder message such as “Hi good to see you, hope you enjoy my newsletter.” You won’t fool anyone into thinking this is a personalized message, but a warm message does convey a sense of an individual relationship. You can also ask for input and suggestions about what they want to read in your messages.
  3. Ask your recipients to add you to their safe or white list. With so much spam going into inboxes each day, you need to ask your subscribers to make sure your email advertising doesn’t end up there. Ask them to add you to their approved list of recipients so your emails don’t get caught in their spam filters. The best way to do this is just to ask them directly.
  4. Be sure you monitor any replies to your emails and answer them. Like all good conversations, all good email advertising campaigns give people to comment and ask questions. Have a real human being monitor your incoming emails. You can have any replies go to a real person’s email inbox so people will feel more comfortable conversing with you. Replies are important because they give you valuable feedback, and you know what people need.
  5. Know the spam hot buttons, but don’t obsess over them. Your email provider should be able to give you a list of words and phrases which may flag your email advertising as spam. But don’t obsess over not using them in your email advertising. A call to action will most likely include the phrase “click here” although this may be a spam trigger, you should still use it in your email. Write for people, not spam filters.

These are five of the basic tips to make your email advertising campaign more effective. If you have any questions about creating and implementing your next email advertising campaign contact Mission Suite. Ask about our free trial offer and let us help you create the most effective email advertising campaign for your business.


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