Email Solutions – Why You Should Consider an Email Hosting Option

Email SolutionsWhen you first started your email campaign you probably crafted and sent out the emails yourself. You may have built a database to store email addresses and used a software program to create a mail merge file. But once you start to see your mailing list grow, this task can become very time consuming and cumbersome. Once you reach over 20 recipients it is time to consider email solutions like an email hosting plan. The advantages of an email hosting plan go beyond just the time and headaches you will save. An effective and experienced email host will help you achieve the results you want in the form of increased sales and strong web presence for your brand. This is one of the easiest email solutions a business can invest in.

You may ask what the advantages of using an email hosting company are. This question has several answers, some complex and some straightforward. The most basic of email solutions hosting provides is freeing up your time to do what you do best, build your business. When you hand over your email campaign to a hosting service, they collect email addresses, schedule delivery, craft the messages, and time the delivery. A hosting service will also track the success of your email campaign and report these findings to you in a timely manner. This will help you to see if your email campaign needs to be adjusted, and if it is really an asset to your business.

One of the greatest advantages of hosting is the expertise the hosting company brings to your business. They will work with you to find email solutions to sluggish sales, and building your brand presence on the internet. The email hosting company has the resources and experience to know what works and to put these resources to work for your business. Another benefit is their use of email software. No longer will you have to try and manage your contacts via Outlook or Gmail. You will also get a professional looking email address. For example which one looks more professional? Mycompany, or This gives your customers the right impression. The impression you are a business, and not just someone running a bulk email campaign from their den.

Web hosting also offers secure email solutions. Email hosting services have dedicated servers to handle their customer’s emails. Addresses collected are secure, and your emails are sent out in a timely manner so that they don’t get flagged as spam. A hosting company can also solve one of the biggest challenges in email solutions; gathering contact information and integrating them into an email campaign. Management of contacts is one of the biggest tasks in any email campaign.

Now that you know the benefits of using an email hosting service, it may be time for you to consider this as one of your company’s email solutions. Contact The Mission Suite today and let them show you how they can be your email hosting service.

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