Direct Mail Email Strategies

You’re probably familiar with direct mail which is delivered in a physical mailbox. You can do the same thing with email. Direct mail email is delivered into your reader’s inbox, contains a call to action, and cuts out the middle man. Customers use the link in your email to purchase a product or sign up for a service. Direct mail email offers work best for digital products since the customer receives their merchandise immediately. Most professional marketers agree with this, and have found direct email is one of the best ways to sell digital products. So how can you develop an effective direct mail email strategy? Here are some tips from marketing experts who have been there and garnered results.

The All Important Contact List

The key to sending out direct emails is to develop a contact list. You can’t just buy a contact list and expect to get results. Most of your emails will be flagged as spam and never be seen by recipients. On your website and social media accounts, offer people something in exchange for giving you their contact information. You can also create a website specifically for giving away free stuff in exchange for contact information. These can be ebooks, print magazines related to your industry, newsletters, and instruction videos. People like free things, and this is an easy way to build your contact base.

Newsletters as a Direct Mail Email Tool

Newsletters can be a valuable direct mail email tool. You can share useful information, anecdotes, how-to tutorials, links to videos, and add a call to action. Don’t push your readers too much to buy your products or services, but guide them gently to make their purchase. If you send out a newsletter once a month, you can make it longer than if you send one out every week. Like all marketing efforts, quality content is important.

Use a Mass Mailer Software Program or Agency

While you can use a regular email account, it will be much easier on you if you invest in a mass mailer software program. You can also employ an agency to take care of the distribution of your direct mail emails. Make sure you can keep track of how many people are signing up as well as opting out of your mailings. A quality mass mailer software program or service will not only schedule the delivery of your direct mail email, but it will also keep track of the analytics. You have to know how your emails are doing in order to know where you stand and what improvements need to be made.

In a nutshell direct mail email is an email you send out to try and sell your goods and services. There is no middleman mucking up the process. You have complete control over the content and timing of the direct mail emails you send out. Much like snail mail, direct mail email takes planning and quality content; use these tips to help you develop an effective direct mail email campaign.

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