The Subscriber Experience

Email marketing is all about encouraging the recipient to perform a certain action without making them feel as if they are being pushed into it. If you want to be successful in your quest for the recipient to purchase a product, donate, share or respond, you have to create a productive experience that is conducive to your CTA (call to action).  Here are some tips on creating the environment for encouragement.

Stop using the word will. Using the future tense takes away any sense of urgency, and future promises could confuse customers.

Be scan-able. People don’t usually read every last word of an email unless it is a message from family, friends or co-workers. Most marketing emails are quickly scanned and the recipient decides in an instant whether the message is valuable enough to keep reading or if they will trash it and move on to the next. In order not to become trash, your email needs to be scanned easily and the highlights of your message need to draw the eye to it so they are first thing seen.

Load quickly. Your page needs to load quickly, if it is weighed down with graphics and content that take forever to load, the recipient could likely get bored and delete it before they even see it. People are impatient and will move on if they are kept waiting too long.

On that note, you really need to show your subscribers exactly what you want from them. Your recipient needs to see a clear call to action. If you want them to donate, have a “Donate Now” link. But don’t just dump them on the homepage with that link; direct them to the donation page specially. Take them exactly where you want them to go and choose your links carefully. If they click a link, they are not likely going to go back to the message so send them where you really want them to go.

Make your email mean something and make the messages worth everyone’s time, yours and the recipient. Success isn’t only about your statistics; it is about the experience you provide your recipients with. The recipients can make or break your online reputation, so make them happy.  If you leave a bad taste in their mouth, you are probably headed to the spam folder indefinitely.

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