Successful Opt-In

An email marketing program can really help to improve your bottom line; and when done correctly it can enhance your online brand reputation and increase response rates. If you are interested in adding email marketing to your marketing strategy, you have probably heard that buying lists is not the way to go and that organically created “opt-in” lists will yield the best results. In order to create an opt-in list, you have to have a way for people to sign up to subscribe. If you correctly manage that process, you can help yourself create a successful email marketing program. Here are some best practices to help you create the beginnings of your email marketing program.


  • Keep sign-up simple and not so subtle. People probably won’t search for an email subscription sign up form; but if it right in front of them and a simple process, they are much more likely to sign-up. Your sign up box, page or section needs to be clear and concise. Be descriptive, but in simple ways and showcase the value in signing up, whether that value is monetary or informational.
  • Quickly capture simple data at first. You only need basic, relevant data gathering questions in the first stages of sign up. Once they are signed up, consider offering them a way to add additional information or tweak their preferences. The data that they add in their preference pages could help you in segmenting your lists so that the messages they receive are timely and relevant to their needs and interests.
  • Double opt-in/confirmation email. Using a double opt-in/confirmation email helps to start a relationship with the subscriber. People open, read and have to interact with the email. You are still fresh in their minds, they just signed up for your emails. This also gives you a chance to remind them to add you to their whitelist. It also helps eliminate any misfires; if someone typed a wrong email address and it went to the wrong person, you won’t bombard the wrong person with what they think to be unsolicited spam.

Email sign ups are the starting point of your email marketing relationship with subscribers. It is important to manage that and keep monitoring it. You can increase your response rates, brand reputation and even increase the chances of brand loyalty by creating a smooth sign up process for interested potential customers and subscribers.  Streamlined processes lead to successful campaigns! 

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