Quick Tips to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Permission based email marketing has a proven higher return than unsolicited “spam” messages, traditional marketing or direct mail. Email marketing is the weapon of choice for businesses looking to bring in and retain customers. Email marketing can help you to not only bring in customers, but generate more leads, increase website traffic, build your brand and boost sales. If you aren’t using email marketing in your business plan, you are losing out on a lot of opportunities. With most businesses using email marketing techniques, consumer inboxes are full and the attention of recipients is at a premium. It is important to stand out and use proven techniques for success.


Know your audience; without the right audience, your message is wasted. Building your list organically is a great way to get an interested audience as your list. But getting them to sign up can be difficult. Ease your troubles by offering them something valuable in exchange for their contact info, such as information, coupons or free consultations. Gather only the information you need; people are wary of giving out too much info online. Once you have your information, manage it wisely. Keep it protected and maintain its integrity. Be sure you have a clear privacy policy and respect the terms of your policy. Always include a way for these subscribers to opt out if they want. Not only is that a good idea, but it is the law. According to recent legislation, subscribers must be able to opt out with visible unsubscribe links in every email.


An attractive message that offers value to your readers is vital to any campaign’s success. But before you craft the message, develop a strategy and address what your goals and objectives are. Keep your copy short and sweet and avoid clutter and overloading. Your message should be personal and casual, like you are speaking to a friend. The same person should author the message every time, or at least keep them coming from the same address and name, people will feel connected to the person. Personalization  in the from part and personalizing the email helps to build a relationship with the reader. It is a good idea to avoid spam keywords like FREE, multiple punctuation or all caps, as they have abused by spammers and are now seen as suspicious.  Subject lines should still be catchy, and draw attention; don’t lose your readers interest before they even open the message.


Format is important because it can really make or break you. You want your message to be clean and easy to scan, as people won’t usually read it all unless something really grabs them but your can’t bank on that with every reader. Spacing is important as well as ample white space and minimal graphics and links. You don’t want to distract from your actual message.


Marketing using the internet gives you the unbeatable power of statistics. The statistics regarding your campaign are usually available immediately through real time reporting and you can use them to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. Using statistics wisely is key to future success. You can really see what works and what doesn’t and then adjust accordingly.

Email as a form of marketing is a proven tool that is useful and efficient for all businesses. Email can boost sales, generate leads, and help to attract and maintain a loyal customer base. You can also strengthen your relationship with customers which is vital to retaining them.

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