Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing Mistakes You Learned In Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a wonderful place of naps and snacks and crayons, but it is also a place to draw basic knowledge about everything in life, even email marketing mistakes you might be making. In those younger years, you were taught to avoid selfishness, speak clearly and with a point, make a plan of what you want to do, think and use what you already know to solve problems and create solutions. All of those basic instructions can be translated to email marketing. In order to create a successful campaign, you need to be aware of some missteps you may be taking that could be damaging your campaign.

Your goal is creating a quality email marketing campaign, but are you sabotaging yourself?  Examine the points below and then examine you company’s email strategy!

Don’t be selfish—When you emails only reflect you company’s direct needs and not the interest of the consumer, you have a problem. Your customers will think you don’t care about their needs and concerns. To be successful in online business, you need to recognize that email marketing and online business in general is a customer/consumer driven market. Examine your email messages and make sure they don’t sound too self-centered and aren’t full of company directives.

Speak up—Do your emails have multiple call-to-actions, complicated layouts, an unclear focus, and/or a disparate purpose? You could be confusing your recipients! Clarity is key when it comes to emails. You want to be certain that your message and purpose is heard loud and clear. Send some test emails to people who will evaluate objectively and ask them to send back what they though the purpose of the message was intended to be.

Make a plan—Are you offering content and coupons with no data to back you up? Are you sending too often?  If you aren’t delivering content that is timely and relevant to your subscribers, too much or too little content, they are probably not clicking through your emails and links. You need to send what your subscribers want, when they want it. You should have plenty of information and data on your subscribers to strategize your email plans accordingly.

Think and use what you know to solve problems—Do you use the data you have? If you aren’t using your data to change or improve your program, you are wasting a resource. You have a large amount of data at the ready thanks to opt-in sign ups, metrics and personal user profiles; use that data to analyze why your email marketing campaign is hitting a wall or why you see diminished click-throughs.

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