Building Your List with Social Media

Social networks are a great place for your businesses to be; but there are some drawbacks. Your followers probably won’t see all your tweets, due to twitter’s chronological layout and the fact that many users receive so many tweets daily. And Facebook removes content from newsfeeds that isn’t consistently interesting and visited by the user. You social media fans and followers will see your stuff every now then, but they could be missing a lot. You can get them back in the loop by getting them on your emailing list; a feat that is easier said than achieved. But, it is possible and here are some tips to get there.

  1. Use offers to entice fans and followers. Placing attractive offers on your Twitter and Facebook that need email subscription for completion are a good way to get email subscribers. But once you have them, keep them with smart offers, incentives and exclusive content.
  2. Facebook fans may want to sign up for email updates, but may not know where or how to do it. A good solution is to use the features Facebook already has and create a permanent tab to a web form that people can use to sign up for your list. For Twitter users, often tweet links to your email sign up page.
  3. Keep your sign up form simple. People browse social media to keep up with friends and latest news and gossip so they don’t want to take time to fill out a lengthy form. Get the information you absolutely need and in your welcome email, explain to the new recipient how to access their preferences and update or add to their account information on your website.
  4. Use content teasers to entice subscribers. Post a teaser of the information in your email only newsletters. Pique a user’s interest by giving them a little taste of what someone else already gets. People want to be in the know, and feel special, even when it is something as small as an email subscription.

Using some creativity and resourcefulness you can turn casual fans and followers into dedicated subscribers.

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