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Mobile devices and mobile internet usage and email are a huge part of US consumers’ lives, so it is important that you become mobile friendly or you risk losing out on a huge market.  Thanks to Blackberry, Android, iPhone, tablets and most mobile devices, consumers can use the internet and check email anywhere. In 2011 alone (years after the first iPhone, Blackberry and Androids) mobile email views went up 35%, tablet usage jumped 73% and traditional webmail/desktop mail took huge hits. Almost 70 million US consumers check emails on their mobile devices with 40 million of them doing that daily. More than half of US consumers that have made at least one purchase on their smartphones or mobile devices did so in response to a marketing email they checked with their mobile device.  You can see why it’s important to be mobile friendly.

Many of these devices are operated by touch screens. Fingertips are not accurate like a cursor and mobile screens are much different than monitors. Your email marketing messages need to be mobile compatible.

Watching your spacing isbig issue. Apple’s Human interface Guidelines recommend a minimum target area of 44×44 points for the iPhone. Unlike iOS, Android devices don’t scale content to the width of the screen so you should left justify important parts of the message, such as CTA’s (call-to- action). Android smartphone screens are usually 320px wide and several Android tablets and the Kindle Fire are 600px.

Mobile device screens are not very large so it is important to use your space wisely. Using images as links is a good idea. Watch your text size so that it is readable and create custom mobile landing pages from your links in the mobile email.

It is important to test your emails so that you know they are mobile friendly. You should verify the readability and the load time. If your recipients can’t read it, you have wasted your efforts.

Mobile technology is a quickly growing enterprise and it is important that you tailor your email marketing campaign to work well with it. If you aren’t already working with your email marketing to make it mobile friendly, it needs to be a goal. Mobile email is here, so embrace it.

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