Focusing Your Email Layouts

In regards to your email marketing, layout is as important as your verbiage. Cutting the clutter from your copy is important, but that won’t suffice if you don’t clean up your layout and overall design. When you jam your email messages with loads of images, too many links and too much information you can obscure the focus of your email and confuse the recipients. Your email template needs to express your message elegantly and efficiently. Below are a few tips about striking a balance with your layout between focused and flustered.

Focus on the essentials.

I am sure you have some awesome new products in your catalog and that you just added a few more services to your repertoire, but before you dive into all that and splay it all over the message, sit down and decide what gets top billing and what can afford to go a little lower or be cut out. Too much choice can be a bad thing for the readers, and they may choose none of the above if the feel overwhelmed. If your layout showcases a few things properly, that is far more valuable than the alternative of a messy email that doesn’t give any item it’s proper due.

Control your images.  

Most email layouts need images to assist with the presentation of products and to break up text a little bit. Eye catching images can be captivating, but if your cramming eight or ten images into one email, you can overwhelm the subscriber, and it could affect your email load time. With images, think quality and not quantity. Using three or four solid images is better than overloading your reader with halfway graphics.

Use a generous amount of white space, but do it the right way.  

Showcasing graphics and text is best done with plenty of breathing room. Adding free space between images, text, links and graphics is important, but don’t give too much space. Leaving too much space can leave your layout looking unfinished and sloppy. If you have done a good job, your readers will be able to quickly scan all aspects of your email and not feel like they are missing anything.

A well composed email is difficult but with a little patience and practice, you can have a streamlined, clean design  that enhances your readers experience. And when your readers can understand what they are receiving, you can expect better response rates.

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