Welcome Emails

 A welcome email is great opportunity, don’t waste it. Don’t have a preprogrammed message or throw one together as an afterthought. This is a very precious marketing moment: someone was so interested in you and your products or services to request emails from you, and you are at the top of their minds right now for all the right reasons.The potential impact of your email is likely bigger than any other email you are going to send them; you have their attention, interest and permission at this moment so take advantage of it.

When creating your welcome email, be sure to take care of some housekeeping by confirming to them that their sign up was successful and let them know how and where to modify their subscription. You also need to include a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for signing up. It is important to set clear expectations. This is the perfect place to remind them what they are getting in content and frequency. It is important to also remind them how they will benefit from this relationship, so they are certain to keep it up.

A good tip is to include an immediate feedback option, letting the recipient know that their opinion is valued will create trust and connection. Avoid a robotic or automated tone. When you are writing the message, write it as you would write to a friend, be human and keep a friendly tone. It helps to sign the message with a real name, that name can be the editor, the CEO or whoever makes the most sense for your message and company. Reward the new subscriber with a little something for their interest. The sign up bonus could be a coupon or special offer, ‘for subscribers only’ content like an article, eBook or presentation, or a copy of the most popular content from previous emails. This also reinforces to the recipient that signing up to receive emails is a benefit to them.

The welcome message is very valuable and it is an important element in your relationship with your subscribers so do not make it an afterthought or automated.  First impressions matter so be certain you make a great one.

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