Different Types of Emails

When you think about an email marketing campaign, you think about a sales driven email. While gaining sales is the number one goal of email marketing, there are a few different types of emails you can mix into your regular sales driven emails to help with your bottom line; quick announcement emails, newsletters, press release and catalog emails. Using multiple styles of email messages can help to contribute to brand awareness and a help establish a personal connection with your recipients. A good mix of emails sent strategically throughout your email campaign is a great tool.

Quick Announcement Emails:

You can think of a quick announcement email as a postcard. A short and simple message or call to action that can be easily scanned by the reader.  Good postcard email topics can be special sales, limited time offers and new product lines, among many others. These quick announcement emails are a good way to stay in the mind of your recipient without pressuring them to purchase or taking up a lot of time.


            A newsletter can help reinforce the relationship you are continually building with your clients. The focus of your newsletter should be to provide useful, relevant and entertaining content. Your newsletter should be something that attracts their interest but also relates to your products/services in a subtle way. A clothing store could send out a newsletter that featured fashion tips, beauty advice, best dressed celeb lists, or anything fashion related. Another example is a computer parts and accessories store could send out a newsletter about highlights from CES or some other big trade show, tips and tricks, and recent tech news.

Press Release:

A press release email can attract news coverage especially if you have media contacts on your email list. When you have media contacts on your list, it helps because you are sending your press release emails to already interested media outlets and you can really target and focus the message.


            Catalog emails are just electronic versions of print brochures/catalogs that list products. These are great to send to both loyal and potential customers because you can highlight products, special deals or upcoming product lines. Some examples of effective catalog email themes:

“Best Of” and “Our Favorites” to feature popular products,

“Customer Favorites” that put emphasis on the most sought after products, a bonus is that is shows that you pay attention to what the customer likes,

“How To” catalog emails that show the customer how to do a certain activity and list/link to products featured in the how to or products that make it easier.

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