Building a Responsive Email List


In order for your email marketing to be most effective, you need to send the messages to the right audience. It’s better to send emails to 500 interested people, than 5000 random people. In order to get those interested people’s email address you have get them on your list. Visibility and ease of sign up, incentives and trust are all important in building the best list possible. Here are a few tips  and questions to ask yourself when trying to build a responsive list.

If you are trying to build an organic list of email subscribers, you need some sort of sign up or opt in box on your website. Visibility is Key. Visitors may not search for an email sign up so make it clear. Make the sign up box stand out and be sure to have it in convenient locations, such as the top of page. Don‘t be afraid to put it on pages other than the home page. You could even try a hovering sign up box. Some questions to ask yourself: Where is your sign up box? Is it easy to locate? Does it stand out? Is it easy to sign up for your emails, or does it require a lot of information? Do they know what they will be getting and how often?

Incentives are important. And it is even more important to make sure it’s the right incentive for the right audience. The more that a sign up incentive appeals to people outside your target, the less responsive your list becomes. An example is a sweepstakes for a hot item, like an iPad. You will most likely get sign ups because people want to win the item, not because they are interested in you or your products. Target the incentive to get a target audience. Special offers or deals for email subscribers only are good incentives. You want your recipient to feel like it will valuable to them to be on your list.

Trust is crucial. This is where your privacy policy comes into play. People need to trust you in order to do business with you and they want to be certain that their information is safe with you. Make sure that your privacy policy is easy to find so that the recipient can feel at ease about giving over their information. They need to know that you won’t sell their information or use it for a purpose other than what they have signed up for.

Having a good, responsive list is a nice tool to have when marketing and doing business online.

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