Landing Page Layout: 3 Things You Need On Your Page

You can buy hundreds of books that will tell you how to build a landing page. There are literally thousands of articles on the internet explaining what you need to include on a landing page. However, with all of this information and direction most people are still confused about what they should include in a good landing page. However, designing a email marketing landing page is actually quite simple. There are actually three things you need to worry about when designing your page. If you can get these three aspects right you will be a success.

Headlines are the Key to a Successful Page

The headlines you use on the page are the most important thing you will ever write. These words will tell the reader exactly what you are talking about. Studies show that 80% of people read the headlines on a page before deciding whether to read the content or move on to something else. Therefore, you need something that will grab the customers attention and entice them to read more of what you have to say.

Use Headings Similar to These:

7 Things You Must Know About…..

4 Secrets to Successful….

Amazing Tips Every Person Should Know

Bullet Points Make Your Point Clear

After your headlines you should use bullet points to point out specific information you feel is important. In these bullet points you can point out advantages of the product you offer, facts about the claims you are making, or proof that what you say is true. In this area statistics can be very helpful in proving your point. Make these points stand out. Bullet points allow your customer to quickly sum up what you offer, why they want to buy it, and how they can benefit from making a purchase.

Sign Up Forms

One of the main purposes of a landing page is to gather contact information from your visitors. You want to grab information such as name, email, phone number, and specific details on how you can market to that customer in the future. In most cases you should keep your forms simple and straight to the point. Use five or less forms that need to be filled in and then offer five questions that allow the customer to check yes or no. Also, keep your form above the fold of the page. Customers may ignore the form if the have to scroll down or search for it. If your sign up process is simple, and obvious, you will gain more information.

Building the perfect email marketing landing page is simple if you keep these three things in mind. Don’t make the process complicated. In fact, if your page is over cluttered, or tries to include too much information, you are more likely to lose clients than you are to gain sales or information. Simple landing pages that get right to the point are your best option. Make it easy for your clients to find the information they want and sign up for what you have to offer.

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