Increase Business to Business Sales With Email Marketing Landing Pages

When you market products or services to other businesses an email marketing campaign can help you increase sales. However, you can’t always use the same techniques to market to a business that you use when marketing to an individual. After all, most businesses have a marketing department, they understand how the process works, and they are not going to waste time if you have nothing of value to offer them. Consider the following ways that you can keep another businesses attention when using email marketing.

Know Your Customer

Before you send an email to another business you first need to do your homework. Figure out who you are marketing to. What does the business do? How can they benefit from what you offer? What is there business model, are the a new company, old company, expanding, going out of business? There are several factors you can determine before you ever make contact. When you know the answers to these questions you can design a marketing campaign that will fulfill a need within the business owners company.

Make it Short and to the Point

Some email marketers want to use landing pages that go on forever. You could spend all day scrolling through the page reading about the “special” deal. A business owner is not going to waste time reading through a page of info just to find out if they want what you are offering, In this case you should make your page simple and straight to the point. Use bullets to point out any special features or bonuses.

Point Out The Advantages

When a business owner reads a sales pitch they are instantly looking for the “how will this help my business factor.” Make those points very clear. Make sure your sales copy is written in a way that the business owner see all the advantages and benefits of using your products. Make sure you also show how your product is better than what the competition offers. If they can get the same thing down the street for half the price why should they buy from you. Point out benefits that are often overlooked like service after the sale, warranty, 24 hour support.

Close the Deal

One of the biggest mistakes that email marketers make is not closing the deal. You have to make it simple and easy to buy, while telling the customer to buy now. Use call to action words like buy now, click here, sign up today. These links make it easy for the customer to make an informed decision and complete the transaction. If you don’t ask them to buy they probably won’t.

What is the End Result?

It is very important that you track the details of your email marketing campaign. How many sales or sign ups did you get compared to the number of emails you sent? Did recipients click links in the email but fail to buy once they were on the landing page? Maybe you need to change your landing page. If they didn’t even click the links in your email you may need to change your message or find new prospects that are interested in what you have to offer. You will never know what is going on if you don’t track your results.

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