Email Marketing Your Business: 5 Steps to Success

Starting an email marketing campaign takes a lot of work and planning. This process is not something you start on a whim or figure out as you go. If you want to be successful in your email marketing campaign consider the following five steps to ensure success.

Step One: Develop a List or Database

The first thing you need in any email marketing campaign is a list of contacts. You can use your current customer list, a list provided by an independent company, or you can buy a list from another company like yours. The key is to obtain a list of prospects that might be interested I what you have to offer. One  of the easiest ways to build a list is by building an email marketing landing page. On this page your offer a chance for customers to sign and receive special offers or free items.

Step Two: Develop an Objective

Before you begin your campaign you should have a clear objective in mind. Are you looking to gain new customers, sell new items to existing customers, retain active clients, gather recommendations for clients family and friends? There are many things you can do with an email marketing campaign. Choose your objective and keep it in mind throughout the whole process.

Step Three:  Designing Your Email

Decide what the message of your email will be.  Are you trying to sell a specific item, or simply provide information to your clients? Develop a layout scheme for your email. You will want to use the same fonts, colors, wording style, and feel in your email that you use on the website you direct the recipient to. Make sure your message is clear in the email and never include several offers or specials in one message. Make sure your email subject line is catchy and will entice the customer to open the message. However, you always want to match the subject line to the actual subject.

Step Four: Test Your Campaign on Small Groups

Before you send a mass email to thousands of people test the campaign on a small group. You can develop three slightly different emails and send each email to one third of the group. Make sure you send each email to yourself at different email providers as well. Each email provider will display your message in a different way. Use this test to determine which email has a higher number of responses and which message displays best with the various providers.

Step Five: Track Your Campaign Meticulously

Once your campaign has begun it is time to track every aspect of what happens. How many emails were delivered vs how many you sent? How many recipients clicked a link within the email? Was one link more effective than the others? Did anyone opt out of future communication, and was this number high? All of these facts will tell you whether you are advancing correctly or if you need to change the way you are doing things. Use the data to make changes and keep trying until you see the results you desire.

There is no fail proof method to email marketing. You have to try what you think will work and change the process if it doesn’t.

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