Email Marketing Landing Pages are the Key to Success

Email marketing has become a great way to market any company today. In fact, many businesses spend thousands of dollars generating email lists and developing emails that will attract or retain customers. However, recent studies show that over half of all email marketing campaigns fail due to the lack of a good email marketing landing page. Within 8 seconds of redirection to a landing page over half of potential customers simply dismiss the opportunity. Read on to discover how you can create landing pages that actually convert your email messages into sales.

Keep a Common Theme in Your Email Marketing Landing Page

When creating an email marketing landing page you need to have a running theme. Font styles, photos, writing style and color schemes need to match. If you use your companies current marketing style to create an email, you must also use the same theme when creating a landing page. Do not use opposing colors or wording. If you create a email that uses humor to grab attention do not make a landing page that is stuffy and excessively professional.

Make Sure You Repeat Your Offer

Studies show that a significant number of email marketing landing pages actually offered a completely different special or promotion, rather than the one that was initially used in the email. If you are offering a percentage discount off of an item make sure that you landing page details that specific offer and embellishes on the current theme. After all, the customer clicked the link in the email because they were interested in a specific offer.

Do Not Use Your Homepage as an Email Marketing Landing Page

More than likely your website homepage talks about your company and the products or services you offer. However, most homepages do not offer special deals or promotions. This is why you must create a landing page to go with your email marketing campaign. If an email recipient has to take the time to search through your website for the special deal, they will more than likely move onto another company that makes the process easier. When a customer clicks a link or offer in an email they are looking for immediate action. They will either buy something, join something, or sign up for a special deal immediately after they click the link. If they do not see an opportunity for immediate action they will abandon the process within 8 seconds fifty percent of the time.

Don’t Ask for Too Much

Forms provide a great way to grab a customers details. Most companies try to gather the customers name and contact information. However, some companies try to gather information that will be helpful when marketing to the customer in the future. While forms are a great way to get the information you need, many customers are turned off by having to give up too much personal information. Limit the fields in your form to five or less. In addition, if you use check boxes to gather data rather than fields that the customer has to type in you are likely to get a better response.  Provide several options the guest can choose from, but make it simple to check the appropriate boxes.

In short, when creating your email marketing landing page, keep a common theme that leads directly to a sale, and don’t ask to much of your visitors, when using email marketing to advance your business.

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