Choosing the Best Email Marketing System for Your Business

A quick search on Google will show you that there are thousands of options when choosing an email marketing system for your business. However, finding the best option is not always easy. Each program has benefits and features you need to consider. Consider the following options in your search for email marketing programs.

Consider Your Contact List

Some programs will allow you to input contacts via a database or spreadsheet. However, other programs require you to manually input each email address. When you consider the cost of buying leads and then the hours of labor to input your contacts you will decide that you want an auto input program. However, you also want to ensure that you can choose which contacts are imported and which ones you want to ignore. After all, you need to have complete control of your lists.

Tracking Your Email Marketing Campaign

Any program you choose should have a tracking system built in. If an email address is no longer valid, or the recipient has blocked your communication, you need to know. There is no need to waste time sending fifty emails to leads that are no longer active. If you have the option to track which recipients click the links within the email this is a great feature to purchase. By tracking your leads effectively you can ensure that every dollar you spend is going towards a possible sale.

Email Marketing Landing Page Management

Many email programs allow you to quickly build landing pages from templates.  These templates will help you to quickly draw visitors and capture new email contacts. However, when choosing a program ensure that you can use the preformed templates or upload your own landing page designs. In some cases the templates may not provide everything you need for a successful campaign.

Auto-responding to Email Sign Ups

When you begin an email marketing campaign an auto-responder is necessary. You want to send new sign-ups a message immediately to verify their opt-in. You can also use the auto-responder to send links for free offers. When you choose a program to manage your campaign make sure that you can seamlessly link your landing pages to the auto-responder. Some programs will only link their landing pages to the responder. If you plan to build custom pages you want the option to auto-respond to them as well.

Opt Out Features are  a Must

Your email marketing system should also include an opportunity for leads to opt out. When a customer no longer wants to receive emails they can click a link to opt out. At that point your system should remove the email address from the active database. This will ensure that future communication is stopped. If you have to manually remove each opt out email you will waste a lot of precious time.

Finding the perfect system may take a bit of time and research. However, choosing the wrong system can cost you time for years to come.

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