3 Reasons You Should Consider Email Marketing

Every online business needs to use email marketing and landing pages if they want to be successful. In fact, brick and mortar stores can even benefit from marketing online with email. However, there are three distinct reasons that email marketing landing pages are more effective than traditional forms of advertising. Consider the following three reasons that email marketing landing pages are more effective than radio, television, or print.


The first and obvious reason to use email marketing is cost. When you start an email marketing campaign you can manually do a lot of the work and save a lot of money. However, when you advertise on the radio or television you will pay as much when you are starting out as you will five years down the road. You can begin an email campaign with a free WordPress page and an Excel database of possible customers. As you see results from your campaign you can begin to purchase software programs that will make your campaign more effective or you can hire specialists to tweak your campaign.


Email provides a very fast medium for reaching your customers. With the click of a button your message can reach thousands of potential customers. In addition, the email will instantly provide a means for customers to reach you or buy a product. Unlike radio or television advertising email is instant. People do not have to search for a pen to write down your number or website. In addition, the can buy a product within minutes rather than driving to a brick and mortar establishment for the item they want. Potentially an email message can be converted into a sale within five minutes. It takes longer than that to drive to a store, park, and walk inside to find the item a customer wants.

Ongoing Contact

When you advertise on the radio or television you reach whoever is watching or listening. There is no guarantee that any one person will hear or see your ad more than once. When you send an email to advertise your products and services you can be sure that the person you want to reach gets the message. If you follow industry standards you can email each potential customer once a month. Therefore, email marketing provides a way to ensure you are at the forefront of customers thoughts on a monthly basis. If you offer different products or services this is a huge advantage over radio or television advertising. After all, it is much easier to tweak an email message than it is to shoot a new commercial or record a new radio advertisement.

As you can see email marketing landing pages can provide an affordable, fast way to stay in contact with your customers. In as little as a few hours you could begin your first email marketing campaign and start reaping the rewards of your small investment. Once you see a return on your investment start building your campaign larger and tweaking it to see a higher return on your investment.

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